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Health & Safety Policy Statement

Gwil Industries Inc. is committed to providing first class service to customers while ensuring our employees work in a safe and healthy work environment.

To achieve this, Gwil will establish and maintain an occupational health and safety program designed to prevent injuries and disease.

Our commitment is to place the highest priority on health and safety and to allocate the necessary resources for training all employees to the highest possible safety standards. Gwil also recognizes and supports our workers' right and responsibility to refuse unsafe work as well as their right to a safe and healthy environment.

Gwil Industries Inc. believes that all injuries are preventable and to that end Gwil will utilize an ongoing hazard identification process. Every effort will be made to:

  • Identify hazards;

  • Inform others that would be affected by hazards

  • Eliminate, control or reduce the risk of those hazards

The goal of preventing personal injury or property damage cannot be attained without the commitment of everyone employed or engaged by Gwil. This commitment requires equal participation and responsibility at all levels.

Management and workers will work in a spirit of consultation and cooperation to achieve our common goals.

Owners, Management, Supervisors, Employees, Sub-contractors and Health & Safety committee members will be held accountable for their responsibilities as detailed in Workers Compensation Act Division 3.

Compliance with Gwil's Health and Safety Program is a condition of employment at Gwil Industries Inc., management, supervision, employees and subcontractors will abide by our company Safety Manual, WCB Act and its Regulations.

Robert H.A. Magee

January 15, 2018

Gwil Recover at Work Program

    ·   Recover at Work Program [pdf]

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